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The Rulebook

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The Rulebook

Post by Aardenland on August 22nd 2013, 12:31 am

Welcome to the Rulebook, the quinessential guide to our roleplaying section here at the IWU forum.  If you aren't familiar with the rules, this is where you can familiarize yourself.

General Rules:

1.      Might as well get this out of the way.  In the RP section, the Arbiters are police, judge, jury, and executioner.  In short, our word is final.

2.      Be polite to everyone out of character.  We don’t think this need to be explained.

3.      Follow all rules, both internal and external.

a.       External Rules are the blanket rules for the section and subsections.

b.      Internal Rules are the rules set up for individual Roleplays or certain kinds of roleplays within the subsections.  These should be set up and confirmed before an RP starts.  They should not be changed midway.

4.      Above all, use common sense.

The Regional Roleplaying is divided into three subsections:

Rules and Brainstorming -

In addition to being home of the rulebook, this place has two other main functions. 

All Roleplaying disputes that disrupt an RP, either stopping it or throwing it offtrack, should be brought here.

Brainstorming threads are one of the ways to come up with ideas for roleplays.  Rather than lists or random shout outs, there must be actual detailed discussion.  Planning is a different thing altogether.  If you have an idea, know what to call it, you can set up a planning thread in the same subsection as the RP thread will go.


1.      We want our members to be well versed in rules and etiquette, so when obvious breaches of them are brought here, the result won't be pretty.  Obviously, if it's a serious problem or is made into such by the transgressor, it should be reported.  If it isn't a big problem to begin with, it needn't be reported.

2.      Brainstorming is NOT a single post saying “Someone should do X!”  Be detailed when coming up with ideas.

3.      Brainstorming is a process where everyone comes up with many ideas.  If it’s just coming up with the specifics of a single idea, it’s planning.

Realistic Roleplaying

Roleplays here are based in real life.  Not REAL real life, but real life relative to your nation.  Roleplays will belong in appropriate sub-subsections:

Sports Roleplays:  Competetive athletic roleplays, including sports (duh) and other competitive roleplays, such as Chess.  If you’re unsure whether a competition is a sport or not, refer to the Arbiters.

Storefronts:  Economic roleplays, all business and trading goes here.

Nation Roleplays: National Affairs, International Affairs, etc.  It might as well be called the etcetera section.


1.      Everything here is realistic relative to your nation.  Technically, the IWU is modern-tech and non-fantasy.  Members whose nations are magical and/or have the technology to teleport should probably roleplay in the Fantasy subsection.

2.      Everything that happens here can be cited as history.  Retcons can be applied within reason, such as to fit with the rules, but once something has an impact on other posts, it can’t be changed without agreement from the other posters.

3.      Scorinators are the preferred tools for Sports Roleplays.  They need not necessarily be the only method.  But for other methods of keeping score, seek approval from the Arbiters.

4.      Be Realistic.  Duh.

Fantasy Roleplaying -

Roleplays here can be based in the wildest reaches of imagination, but they still have…


1.      While this is THE place for the fantastical, improbable, and incredibly unrealistic, some semblance of logic is necessary for everyone to enjoy themselves.

2.      Roleplays should involve your nation in some way.  It’s okay to stretch this rule (A fantasy match between Batman and Superman in your nation) and occasionally break it (A fantasy match between Batman and Superman in Middle Earth), but try to keep things diverse, and try to involve your nation most of the time.

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