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Tensions Rise in Northwest Gamadia

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Tensions Rise in Northwest Gamadia Empty Tensions Rise in Northwest Gamadia

Post by Valkany on October 23rd 2013, 1:43 pm

With tensions between Vegon, Valkany, Goupia, Aptoglia and Adamia escalating in Northwest Gamadia two historical allies have allied themselves once more by signing the Pefki Pact. Goupia (Officially the Jimban SSR) and Valkany (Officially the Valkanian Confederacy) have signed and ratified the pact while Vegon (Officially the United Kingdom of Vegon) is expected to do so within the next few days. The Pefki Bloc as it is now known is increasing its military spending and making military exercises; DEFCON has been raised to level 2 while Vegon, Goupia and Valkany are calling their reserves to report for duty with Valkany considering conscription. All three nations have fortified their northern borders with Aptoglia (Officially the Empire of Aptoglia-Apsprein) and Adamia (Officially the Adamian Hegemony), the Corinth Pact nations and Valkany has deployed her Northern Fleet near Aptoglian shores. The Goupian leader has been seen carrying the nuclear briefcase and Vegon is considering a preemptive strike against Adamia. After discoverer an Aptoglian agent in her pentagon the Adamian Governement is considering joint military action with Goupia and Valkany against Aptoglia. Meanwhile Jangelia (Officially the Jangelian Aristocratic Kingdom), a former Vegon colony to the south of Gamadia is having a hard time picking sides. More developments are expected as we speak, please stay tuned [...]

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