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Interregional President Discussion

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Interregional President Discussion Empty Interregional President Discussion

Post by GROSS Independency on October 31st 2013, 10:32 pm

This topic is for the discussion over the interregional president.

The only thing necessary for us to cover here are the duties of the president. This is my proposal:
--The president can veto all legislation (vetoes can be overridden)
--The president can issue orders to the interregional defense and intelligence ministers, should each region join the defense organization (either minister may complain to the legislature if a poor order was given; the legislature will decide to enforce it or disband it)
--The president is in charge of ensuring that interregional laws are being followed and enforced in all member regions. The president has authority to demand action from regional leaders (regional leaders can complain to the interregional legislature if a poor order is given; the legislature will decide to disband/enforce the order).
--The president will appoint the Vice-President upon taking office.

Thoughts on these? If nobody replies to this or any of the other proposals here within two days, what I have written will be considered final.
GROSS Independency
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