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Interregional Foreign Affairs Minister Discussion

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Interregional Foreign Affairs Minister Discussion Empty Interregional Foreign Affairs Minister Discussion

Post by GROSS Independency on November 1st 2013, 12:06 am

This topic is for the discussion of the interregional foreign affairs minister.

Here's my idea for the foreign minister:
--The foreign minister's job would be to carry out negotiations and agreements with other regions or conglomerates.
--The foreign minister would have authority to make any demands or carry out any negotiations with other regions without interference from other officials. Any communication with other regions or organizations by the foreign minister would be required to be reported to the president.
--The foreign minister would have authority to reject a request for negotiations or a request to join the interregional union. If a region was still determined, however, it would be allowed to speak with the president instead (ONLY after the region spoke with the foreign minister).
--If the foreign minister completed an agreement with another region, he/she would present it to the GC, where it would initially be voted on.

*an agreement would be defined as any diplomatic negotiations or terms such as alliances, war, or other concessions regarding both the interregional government and the foreign region or organization.

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