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Interregional Elections Discussion

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Interregional Elections Discussion Empty Interregional Elections Discussion

Post by GROSS Independency on November 1st 2013, 12:22 am

This topic is for the discussion of elections and terms of the interregional government.

Ok, this is what we need to establish:
All positions:
--Will term length be the same for all positions?
--How long should the term length be?
--How will presidential candidates be selected?
--How will president be elected?
--What will the presidential term length be (if we decide to make each position's term a different length)?
--How will legislative candidates be selected?
--What population percentage will be used for the GC?
--How will legislative candidates be elected?
--What will the legislative term length be (if we decide to make each position's term a different length)?
Foreign Affairs Minister:
--How will foreign minister candidates be selected?
--How will the foreign minister be elected?

And here is what I propose:
All positions:
--Uniform term length: I think all the positions should have the same term length, to allow interregional elections and placements to take place at the same time. I suggest a 4-month term.
--Candidate selection: Each region will gather candidates by its own system (nomination, volunteering, party nominations, etc). All candidates MUST write a 1 to 2-paragraph personal statement, which would be submitted to the region's delegate. If a candidate does not write one and submit it, he/she will not be in the election.
--Presidential Election: The delegate of each region will send a regional telegram to their respective region, presenting that region's presidential candidates and their personal statements. That region will vote to choose its most popular candidate. Once each region has chosen its candidate, everyone in all the regions will vote to choose the best of the winners; the prevailing candidate of this election would be placed as president.
--Candidate selection: Each region will gather candidates by its own system. The required number of candidates would be, for the GC, would be the population percentage given rounded to the nearest odd number. For the FC, each region would produce 4 candidates. If a region lacks the required candidates in time, that region's delegate will appoint the remaining candidates.
--Population percentage for the GC: I suggest each region produce 5% of its population for the GC. Since there are four regions contributing, that will allow for a decent number of legislators, while still keeping the number small enough to manage easily.
--Legislature elections: Each region will vote to select its favorite candidates for both the GC and the FC (by whatever system used: a vote counter, exposed voting, etc). Each region's winners will be placed in the legislature for the given region.
Foreign Affairs Minister:
--Foreign Minister Candidate selection: Each region would gather candidates by its own system. Each candidate would be required to write a personal statement just like the presidential candidates; those who do not write one and send it to the delegate will not be counted as candidates.
--Foreign Minister Election: The delegate of each region will send a regional telegram presenting that region's candidates and their personal statements. The region will then vote by its own system to select its favorite candidate; after each region has produced its candidate, everyone will vote to select the best of the winners. The prevailing candidate of the second vote would be placed in office.

Ok, thoughts on this?
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