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Pharthan for IWURC

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Pharthan for IWURC Empty Pharthan for IWURC

Post by Pharthan on February 25th 2013, 5:18 am

Dear fellow members of the International Western Union,

Now is not the time for change. Now is not the time to uproot the system. Now is not to time to reform, the time to throw new laws into the system or tell our leaders they could do better.
Now is the time for progress. We, the IWU, are set well off. We are headed in the right direction. It's time to get there.
That is what Pharthan is about. Intra-country management plays little into how one manages a region; the dynamic is different in most regards. The leaders of countries must manage their people, while council members must manage relationships, not rule. They are, however, similar in one regard - how one approaches issues. Does one do what he feels what is best? Does he follow ideals blindly?
Pharthan approaches it's issues with practicality. Humanity is not perfect. People can not all be expected to work for what they will receive regardless. Atlas will shrug if not rewarded in due process. If not kept in check or filtered, politicians even under "checks and balances," will create disparity with their populace. People will always vote for what benefits themselves rather than the whole; short term voting rather than long-term success.
Pharthan is willing to take the hints for the greater good, willing to see past short term pain and sacrifice to ensure that everyone makes it out well and for the better, and we reward those who deserve it and leave those in the dust who care not for their fellow man or wish to mooch off of others. We place those in power who have shown they will create progress, those who dream big.
We have dreamed. Now it is time make those dreams come to life. We need those who are willing to work to make that happen.

Pharthan is willing to pull off the white gloves, roll up some sleeves, and get down and dirty with the hard issues and make those hard choices.
The other candidates in this election are formidable opponents, to be sure. If they are elected, the intellectuals of Pharthan will clap not in jest or obligation, but in true fervor and support. If Pharthan is elected for the position, we will hit the ground running to try to make sure the IWU is known throughout the region for success.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Pharthan for IWURC Empty Re: Pharthan for IWURC

Post by Essenine on February 25th 2013, 2:13 pm

As Essenine shall clap for the well-established Pharthan. We respect the eloquence of our competitors- not enemies, not truly rivals- in the Meritocratic Federation, and can only hope that if one or the other of our great nations is not entered into the regional council that our comrades, whether Esseninian or from the great nation of Pharthan, will join us in the circle soon. Truly, we wish good luck upon you, and hope that the council will welcome both of our nations into the fold... at some point or another.

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