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Worldwide Magazine Person of the Year

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Worldwide Magazine Person of the Year

Post by gallup on March 10th 2013, 1:24 pm

Every year Worldwide Magazine, Gallup's most popular magazine, does a "Person of the Year". This person is someone who has accomplished great things in the past year. Usually it's a person from Gallup, but this year Worldwide Magazine is taking applications for "Person of the Year" from countries around he world! Fill out the application below, and the winner will be featured in a special double issue. The top 99 winner's will be included in the next issue, "The Top 100 People of The Year". The winner will receive $3 Million dollars as a reward.

OOC: You can submit as many people as you want

[b]Person of the Year Application[/b]

Applicant Name:
Current Position:
Notable Accomplishments:
Why He/She Should Win:
Thank you for your applications!

Accepted Apps:

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Re: Worldwide Magazine Person of the Year

Post by Bolidor on April 5th 2013, 12:41 pm

Person of the Year Application

Applicant Name: Alphonse Simms
Current Position: El Presidente for Life, Republic of Bolidor
Notable Accomplishments: Mr. Simms has survived many reported coups d'etat, according to his Chief of the Secret Police, Roberto Straussman. He is also the head of state of the world's best banana republic. And the world's best plantain republic too, but no one ever remembers that.
Why He/She Should Win: Because the Chief of the Secret Police says so, that's why.
Comments: Mr. Simms is a very accomplished spokesman and would represent the Worldwide Magazine very well.

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