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Have a banana...

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Have a banana... Empty Have a banana...

Post by Bolidor on March 23rd 2013, 3:38 pm

Hiya, gang!

We're pretty informal in the Republic of Bolidor. It's just too darn hot to get all dressed up.

I'm Alphonse Simms, El Presidente (for Life), duly appointed by my Chief of the Secret Police, Roberto Straussman. As he put it to me when I was first offered the job, "Play the part, or I'll kill you." He can be very persuasive that way.

Bolidorians are rightfully proud that the Republic of Bolidor is a true banana republic. There are also lots of plantains. Truly.

I extend a sticky hand of friendship to everyone, but that is only because I'm eating a banana right now. Want one?

Alphonse Simms, El Presidente of the Republic of Bolidor

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