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A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate -- March 28 2013

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A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate -- March 28 2013 Empty A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate -- March 28 2013

Post by unibot on March 28th 2013, 9:21 pm

A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate -- March 28 2013 Update2

A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate of The United Defenders League,

Hello everyone! Or in true Bazalonian fashion: *stabby stab stab*.

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lol hai

As I’m sure many of you have heard, there was an incident during last week where one of our Lieutenants reportedly leaked a thread (connected to the invasion of Warhammer 40000) to individuals in The United Defenders League – the disclosure of the thread was rash and disreputable on this officer’s part. During the crisis, punishments, some permanent and some temporary were dished out to members of The United Defenders League who read or were aware of the leaked thread.

In the event that members could not be proven to have been unaware of the threads (they had no alibi), members were suspended of duties anyway to ensure that all guilty parties received their due.

In many ways, the people punished the most with these suspensions were the people who had to take on the duties of the missing lieutenants and superior officers. Halving our staff for a week (and then some of the remaining officers attending Spring Break on top of that), left the organization, as a whole, majorly understaffed. So I’d just like to thank all of the senior staff who led The United Defenders League during the past week. Also: thank you, Lieutenant Earth, for serving as the “UDL Standing Leadership”; I’m so sorry that Lieutenant Earth got saddled with my job for a week because I know it’s one of the toughest positions in NationStates and it’s even harder during crises – I thought she did a marvellous job of organizing the inquiry of the event and otherwise leading the organization during this week.

Nonetheless, with that disarray and staff shortage, The United Defenders League sadly wasn’t able to free Warhammer 40000 from The Black Hawks – that was probably the greatest punishment that could have been levied against a defender and I think myself and the other Lieutenants were affected by that greatly. However, we gave it a good shot – not many organizations can organize and run four solid operations back-to-back every twelve hours with twenty+ soldiers.

TNI: They fought the clock and the clock won.

Our big mission of the past few weeks was a liberation of The Islamic Republic of Iran against the National Socialist League – an overwhelming 26-20 victory. You can read more about that mission and an official warning in regards to escalation in a recent article by The Sherwood Post. Also, on March 17, The United Defenders League lead defenderdom into battle against The Black Riders during a minor update and defeated The Black Riders soundly – defenderdom was responsible for protecting more than 70% of The Black Riders’ targeted victims. Additionally, The Greenwood Band also liberated Avalon from its Kantrian (Kantrian not Kantian, nowhere neeear Kantian -- goddahm spellcheck!) overlords.

Excellent job guys. Below is the military ribbon for The Islamic Republic of Iran and Avalon liberations and the medal awarded for the merit shown during those remarkable defences on March 17.

A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate -- March 28 2013 The_islamic_republic_of_iran A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate -- March 28 2013 Avalon A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate -- March 28 2013 Medal_defence_icon

The Greenwood Band also contributed to the liberations of Middle Earth, Gensokyo, Samsung, Death Star and The Armed Coalition, the latter against The West Pacific Armed Forces. There were also some liberations, defences and just general skirmishes through the week that we didn’t record. The battlefield has been steadily getting more active as we approach April. During the past week, our Defender “Assistant”, FriarTuck has been offline, so Lieutenant Johz (bless him), went out of his way to code us a substitute assistant. I would just like to express my glee that said “bot” is K-9’s older brother, K-8 *barks*. A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate -- March 28 2013 K9

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 Schmiegelland, you up for a lib? Very Happy
Ah, yes
When will it be?
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so at what time on the little c***

In administrative news, The United Defenders League’s officers have voted in favor of ascending St. Georgie (Mad Jack) to the Hall of Honour – although a current member, he was (mistakenly) not moved to the Hall of Honour during his past departure from The United Defenders League.

Furthermore, The Greenwood Band is very happy to announce that The East Pacific has recently ratified “An Act of Friendship, Development and Mutual Respect for Sovereignty between The East Pacific and The United Defenders League”. The treaty is a strong legislative icebreaker for a bright future for our diplomatic relationship; the treaty outlines The United Defenders League’s development program with The East Pacific, in addition to The East Pacific recognizing that they "sympathize with The United Defenders League's noble cause of securing these freedoms abroad across NationStates" and The United Defenders League praising The East Pacific's stability, reasonableness and maturity.

Hileville’s statement on the Treaty goes into more depth on this subject. We’re currently in the early stages of getting the development program set up, but in a future update I’ll discuss what’s going on with that program as we move forward.

As for new members; during the past few weeks we’ve welcomed Doughertania, Reddogkeno101, Greymlan, Kromar, Swith Witherward, Owl Cities, Nazi Flower Power, Thafoo, Schwabenreich, Bokeryville and our most recent, but definitely not least, Charax. I’ve seen most of this crew already actively on the field and enjoying their time – that’s absolutely wonderful to see! Moreover, Congratulations to Charax and United Gordonopia on passing their Defender Exams and meeting the requirements of their new appointment. It’s lovely to see such dedication from our newer members.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming Cormac Stark and Cromarty back to The United Defenders League – Cormac was a former Lieutenant and the first member to receive our coveted “Newcomer of the Month” award; Cromarty was also a former Lieutenant and is currently the Pharaoh of Osiris.

You are now higher ranked than Uni
I recommend you boss him around a lot
you can still do it even when he's chief of the band, but it’s more fun now Razz
Lol, I'll do my best Razz

As for some final notes. I continually get asked “What’s UDL’s position on The West Pacific”; as you may or may not know, The West Pacific’s government has been couped recently. We are neutral on the coup – no troops have been order to support either side and it is unlikely that troops will be called to support either side. If you would like to read up on The United Defenders League’s policy on feeder coups, feel free to review our Rogue Delegacies and Administrations Policy.

I hope everyone has a Happy April Fools (the –best– day of the year for NationStaters). As for this “Regions will Fall” nonsense – don’t panic! The Greenwood Band is prepared for (almost) anything.

Here’s your Moment of Zen.

"4 minutes ago: The Nomadic Peoples of Erotic Leprosy ceased to exist."

A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate -- March 28 2013 Unibotsig
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