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April Update: Volume I

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April Update: Volume I Empty April Update: Volume I

Post by Phillips-Windsor Ambass.I on April 2nd 2013, 3:38 pm

The Kingdom of The British Isles

April Update: Volume I 2pr8jt1


The Monarchy

April Update: Volume I Crownofthebritishisles

Monarch: King Edward
Queen Consort: Queen Clarissa

HM Government

April Update: Volume I 200px-Royal_Coat_of_Arms_of_the_United_Kingdom_%28HM_Government%29.svg

Prime Minister: The Right Honorable Sir Thomas Insaniac
Deputy Prime Minister: Hon, George Young
The Home Secretary: Hon. Peter Phillips
The Foreign Secretary: Baron Kingborough Edwick-Kudrow
The Culture Secretary: Hon. Cameron M. Richthofen-Saxony
The Defence Secretary: Hon. Cephal Talleyrand
The Justice Secretary: Hon. Mark Black

The Supreme Court

April Update: Volume I Supreme_court_crest_%28official%29

Lord Chief Justice: William Kudrow-Edwick

Lord Associate Justice: Alvino Castillon MythiKa

Lord Associate Justice: Dante Hanover

The House of Lords

April Update: Volume I Houseoflordsofbritishis
Lord Speaker of the House of Lords: His Lordship The Marquess of Bath

The Duke of Norfolk, St. John Montclaire
The Marqess of Bath, Windsor
The Marquess of Pembroke, Sir Ardboe Eire
The Earl of Halifax, Clayton
The Earl of Devon, Daniel
Baron Kudrow-Edwick, Kingborough Edwick-Kudrow
Baron Oldenburg, Joakim Oldenburg IV

The House of Commons

April Update: Volume I Houseofcommonsofbritish

The Hon. Speaker: The Hon. Aegon Targaryen

Southern England: Cameron M. Richthofen-Saxony
London: Aegon Targaryen
North England: Sovreignry
Midlands: Chefdevergue
Wales: Sir Thomas Insaniac
Scotland: Peter Phillips
North Ireland: James Mikaelson

News From BI

Queen Mother Retires

Her Majesty the Queen Mother Georgiana (Neisse) has retired from NationStates just before the beginning of this month, planning to concentrate of her two new twin babies. The Queen Mother stated on the 20th of March;


I have decided to officially retire from Nationstates after eight years of playing. This decision wasn’t easy to make and I regret I will not be able to see my friends on a daily basis. I'm not one for words really, so this will be short and sweet. I want to thank everyone who I worked with in the game. I couldn’t have achieved so much without all of your help and friendship throughout all these years. I will try to visit the game as much as I can. I wish you all well personally and as well as in Nationstates.

Thanks for all of the great memories!

The region will dearly miss Neisse, who created British Isles and led it into its golden age, and was a figure many looked up to.

Rush Hour In Parliament

Parliament has seen a 'rush hour' of types in the first week of being open, around ten different bills entering the floor of the House of Lords. However as the House of Lords steamed ahead, the House of Commons found itself stuck for the first half of the week, arguing over voting procedures and trying to elect a Speaker.

As a result, only two bills and a small number of minor amendments have so far emerged from the House of Commons, consisting primarily of a recruitment act, which the house spent days debating, unable to decide who is responsible for recruitment and a copyright act that many have criticised as useless. It seems the House of Commons former productivity in the last two terms may be falling apart, while the House of Lords, formerly considered a home for lazy people who failed to get a job in the lower house, has stolen the position as primary producer of legislation.

Royal Wedding Bells

Royal wedding bells have rung out across the Kingdom this week after His Royal Majesty King Edward IX announced his engagement to Her Danish Highness Princess Clarissa Megan Fairy of Denmark-Greenland. They were later married in a ceremony on the 30th of March, conducted by Joakim Oldenburg at Westminister Abbey to an audience of dozens of happy cheering British Islanders.

The marriage is the first time a British Isles monarch has married, the former Queen spurning marriage fiercely. And despite the marriage, the King has yet to announce the chosen heir to the throne, which has set the gossip columns alight over the last few weeks, especially after the King and Queen clarified that the Kensington family would remain restricted directly to themselves and any chosen heir, meaning Fairy's large extended family remain out of the line of inheritance.
April Update: Volume I 2pr8jt1
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