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Your lagging me out of the fun

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Your lagging me out of the fun Empty Your lagging me out of the fun

Post by Herzil on April 8th 2013, 1:01 am

Can you name games that you found fun to play till the big Lag monster showed up and ruined the gaming for you (even though your machine is up to date/state of the art):

It used to be a WoW "thing", blizzard would blame our side for not having the best of the best when infact their servers sucked as hell --- and we did have the best of the best.

My recent lag fun started after march major patch in GW2, all of the sudden you have 2min to enjoy your characters casting a skill, by the time the skill is done, you been dead for 2 min in a really realllly slow motion effect.

Gw2 forums for the past 3 weeks have been jammed with players complaining but instead of fixing, they put out new items to enjoy in the money shop.

So whats your memory of Lagging time that pushed you and in which games?


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Your lagging me out of the fun Empty Re: Your lagging me out of the fun

Post by Veceria on April 8th 2013, 1:36 pm

I still don't know why, though I guess it has something to do with this shitty browser-based starting system and low support for European gamers ...
Oh, and EA of course ...

Other games ... Sims 3 (EA again? Conspiracy! Lags made me stop playing it after I had so much fun :/) and Spore (... yeah, another EA game).

That were all that I remember right now. New games run lag-less, funnily ...
And yeah, GW2 has some problems since the first major updates (not patches, updates). Reminds me of the downfall of GW1.

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