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May Update Volume I

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May Update Volume I Empty May Update Volume I

Post by Phillips-Windsor Ambass.I on May 9th 2013, 1:25 pm

The Kingdom of The British Isles

May Update Volume I 2pr8jt1


The Monarchy

May Update Volume I Crownofthebritishisles

Queen Mother: Queen Georgiana
Monarch: King Edward
Queen Consort: Queen Clarissa

HM Government

May Update Volume I 200px-Royal_Coat_of_Arms_of_the_United_Kingdom_%28HM_Government%29.svg

Prime Minister: The Right Honorable Peter Phillips-Windsor
Deputy Prime Minister: Hon. Baron Kingborough Edwick-Kudrow
The Home Secretary: Hon. Baron Joakim Oldenburg
The Foreign Secretary: Baron Kingborough Edwick-Kudrow
The Culture Secretary: Hon. Cameron M. Richthofen-Saxony
The Defence Secretary: Hon. Rutherford Oldenburg
The Justice Secretary: Post Declared Null and Void

The Supreme Court

May Update Volume I Supreme_court_crest_%28official%29

Lord Chief Justice: William Kudrow-Edwick

Lord Associate Justice: Sophistry

Lord Associate Justice: Dante Hanover

The House of Lords

May Update Volume I Houseoflordsofbritishis
Lord Speaker of the House of Lords: His Lordship The Marquess of Bath

The Duke of Norfolk, St. John Montclaire
The Marqess of Bath, Windsor
The Marquess of Pembroke, Sir Ardboe Eire
The Earl of Halifax, Clayton
The Earl of Devon, Daniel
Viscount Richthofen, Matthias von Richthofen
Baron Oldenburg, Joakim Oldenburg IV

The House of Commons

May Update Volume I Houseofcommonsofbritish

The Hon. Speaker: Alvino Castillon-MythiKa

Southern England: Cameron M. Richthofen-Saxony
London: Alvino Castillon-MythiKa
North England: Sovreignry
Midlands: Chefdevergue
Wales: Kingborough Edwick-Kudrow
Scotland: Peter Phillips
North Ireland: James Mikaelson

News From BI

The Gang Retires

Prominent friends and British Isles politicians Sir Thomas Insaniac-Talleyrand, Baron Kingborough Edwick-Kudrow, Cameron Richthofen-Saxony -MythiKa-Castillon and Alvino Castillon-MythiKa announced their retirements this week. The group of friends, three of whom are brothers in the House of MythiKa, have announced their retirements in tandem for similar reasons; each has stated they have become sick of the drama of NationStates politics and combined with real life commitments no longer had the time to commit to the British Isles. The four were prominent members of the regional government, with Sir Thomas having been a former Prime Minister, Defence Secretary and MP as well as founding the regions largest political party, while Cameron is the sitting Culture Secretary and MP for Southern England, Alvino a former Associate Justice and the sitting MP for London, and Kingborough the Deputy PM, Foreign Secretary and MP for Wales.

Sir Thomas has stated he will be retiring from NationStates as a whole, while Alvino, Kingborough and Cameron will be concentrating on roleplay.
Many have stated their sadness at the news, which has come as a shock to the community.

Elections Again?

General Election time has come around again, but despite some expressions of disappointment so little has been achieved this time the race heated up quickly .... only to crash again when prominent contenders Alvino Castillon-MythiKa and Cameron Richthofen-Saxony announced their sudden retirements and pulled out of the race.

Except for sitting MP James Mikaelson, it is yet to be seen who will make a run for parliament though their are rumours Samuel Kudrow will make another embarrassing attempt to get into parliament.

Diplomatic Woes

The regional community has been up in arms this month after a series of heated debates over the two treaties recently presented to parliament; one with the New Inquisition and one with the Ascendancy. Both were struck down after serious opposition was razed; the Ascendancy treaty because of the supposed damage a relationship with that region could do the British Isles's reputation, and the New Inquisition Treaty after TNI's Vice-Reich Elector informed BI of all the reasons why the region is an interregional laughing stock, almost leading to a total shut down of TNI-BI relations that was only ceased by an emergency meeting between the Reich Elector of TNI and the King, PM and Foreign Secretary of the British Isles.
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