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May Update Volume II

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May Update Volume II Empty May Update Volume II

Post by Phillips-Windsor Ambass.I on May 28th 2013, 2:05 pm

The Kingdom of The British Isles

May Update Volume II 2pr8jt1


The Monarchy

May Update Volume II Crownofthebritishisles

Queen Mother: Queen Georgiana
Monarch: King Edward
Queen Consort: Queen Clarissa

HM Government

May Update Volume II 200px-Royal_Coat_of_Arms_of_the_United_Kingdom_%28HM_Government%29.svg

Prime Minister: The Right Honorable Matthias von Richthofen
Deputy Prime Minister: Vacant
The Home Secretary: Hon. Peter Phillips-Windsor
The Foreign Secretary: Hon. Emily Windsor
The Culture Secretary: HRM Queen Clarissa
The Defence Secretary: Hon. Joakim Oldenburg

The Supreme Court

May Update Volume II Supreme_court_crest_%28official%29

Lord Chief Justice: William Kudrow-Edwick

Lord Associate Justice: Sophistry

Lord Associate Justice: Dante Hanover

The House of Lords

May Update Volume II Houseoflordsofbritishis
Lord Speaker of the House of Lords: His Lordship The Marquess of Bath

The Marqess of Bath, Windsor
The Marquess of Pembroke, Sir Ardboe Eire
The Earl of Halifax, Clayton
The Earl of Devon, Daniel
Baron Oldenburg, Joakim Oldenburg IV

The House of Commons

May Update Volume II Houseofcommonsofbritish

The Hon. Speaker: The Hon. Dwanye Maximus Miami

Southern England: Matthias von Richthofen
London: Emily Windsor
North England: Cameron Richthofen-Saxony
Midlands: Chefdevergue
Wales: Dwanye Maximus Miami
Scotland: Peter Phillips-Windsor
North Ireland: Rutherford Habsburg-Lothringen

News From BI

The Jaegers are Coming to London

Break out your strongest beers and the sausage, the German is in London. On May 19, in the smoothest terms possible, the House of Commons near unanimously elected Matthias von Richthofen to serve as the 10th Prime Minister of the region. Not only does this election see the accesnsion of possibly the next legend of the region, it also extends the SDLP rule which has lasted for two hundred and forty one days, or roughly 34 weeks.

Richthofen brings much to the table, including his impressive resume which entails two terms of Deputy Prime Minister, once as Cultural Secretary in which the region saw a full fleshed out Ministry of Culture for the first time, and various other important postings that moved to shape the man that is now our Prime Minister. He is also the first man since Lord Eire to serve as Deputy Prime Minister and then later Prime Minister.

So You Missed the Confetti, Here's What Happened.
Our fellow Britons rushed off to the polls on May 19 to confirm the members of the 10th Session of Parliament. The region saw only a handful of incumbents attempt to renew their terms, and all of them save James Mikaelson succeeded in doing so. Newcomers Dwayne Miami and Emily Windsor were featured in the election and the newest party to the region, BIF, used the shakeup in the political spectrum to seize two seats in Parliament which gave them the cozy minority.

SDLP maintained it's ironclad majority, getting veteran members Richthofen, Chefdevergue and Peter Phillips all back into Parliament and newcomer Cameron Saxony was also put back in this Session underneath the Party's banner. Additionally, Rutherford Oldenburg, Emily Windsor and Dwayne Miami were all elected to the first terms as MP's ever.

Official Election Results
James MikaelsonFree44.5%
Emily WindsorIndependent78%yes
Christopher BishopLiberal6.6.8%
Lord J. AnumiaNBC22.3%
Matthias von R.SDLP1213.6%yes
Peter Phillips W.SDLP1415.9%yes
Dwayne Maximus M.Free89.1%yes
Samuel KudrowIndependent33.4%
Rutherford OldenburgBIF910.2%yes
Cameron M.SDLP910.2%yes

With 80 votes casts, Emily Windsor, Matthias von Richthofen, Peter Phillips Windsor, Dwayne Maximus, Chefdevergue, Rutherford Oldenburg and Cameron M. are hereby declared Victors of the May 19th General Election.
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