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Mordor Dispatch V

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Mordor Dispatch V Empty Mordor Dispatch V

Post by Intelligent Holograms on July 9th 2013, 5:34 pm

Mordor Monthly: June

Mordor Dispatch V Mordor_2_zps6daf1ef9

Mordor Dispatch V Tyranny_sauron

It says it all, we need a new amendment
Legislative Validity Amendment
A few short days ago, the Government of Mordor amended the constitution of Mordor to include the 'Procedures for Legislation' section. This amendment allows the constitution of Mordor to recognise Laws in the region. Laws may now be passed if the Nazgul are in agreement with one of the Two Towers of Mordor (Dark Lord and White Wizard) or the Two Towers may bypass the Nazgul and pass laws providing the they are both in agreement. The amendment also granted the Two Towers the ability to make 'proclamations' as long as these proclamations do not conflict with already existing law, treaty or the constitution. The Amendment also gives constitutional recognition to treaties. Perhaps most importantly this section defines each type of legislation to be passed and notes how each one is to be passed, along with the effect each one would have.Like so, Proclamations are subject to Treaties, which are subject to Law, which are subject to the constitution.

Mordor Dispatch V 95d42b26-c81f-4fae-8902-c20ccfd04425

A denizen hoping to vote
 Election Procedure Amendment
After a unanimous vote, the Nazgul officially sent another constitutional amendment off to the White Wizard and Dark Lord to receive a stamp of approval. This amendment specifies when each election is to be held so as to maximize the efficiency of the government and create an evenly distributed amount of elections throughout a year. In addition, this amendment puts restrictions upon how many seats and positions in Government on denizen may hold at a time, something Mordor has had problems with in the past. These problems were evident following the race for the Denizen elected seat on the Nazgul. This election saw both the Dark Lord and an already appointed Nazgul member try to secure the denizen chosen seat. This was not marked as approved until the 3rd of July due to the White Wizard overlooking the document in this office.

Mordor Dispatch V Sauron

Sauron convincing his people to recruit.
Recruitment Act
Following the passing of the Legislative Validity Amendment, the White Wizard and Dark Lord have announced that they have come together to pass a new law, the Recruitment Act. This law requires that the members of the Nazgul must send fifty recruitment telegrams per week in order to combat the recent lull in new recruits to the region. Also included were the requirements that the Dark Lord and White Wizard send 100 recruitment telegrams per week and the Witch-King, 75. At the end of the week, the Nazgul, White Wizard and Witch-King were ordered to send their telegram reports to the Dark Lord for checking; if any party did not complete their mandatory recruitment, the offending individual may face severe consequences, being put on trial. The Dark Lord and White Wizard enacted this bill to combat the lack of recruitment in the region and they believed it would help to get the best out of their Government, they did not foresee that certain members of the Nazgul were so opposed to recruitingFrom the Nazguls point of view some have taken this in an insulting manner, noting other government branches have been exempted from involvement. To arguments that this requirement interferes with existing duties. An enormous argument erupted on the forums between the Witch-King and White Wizard as they debated the merits of having the current recruitment law in place. There have been loud cries for the Bill to be nullified which the Two Towers have ignored, stating that the Nazgul are well within their power to debate a new law to replace the current one whilst it remains in place. The issue of recruitment is not new in Mordor, many bills have been proposed over the last year and they are all being looked at as a potential successor to the current recruitment law.

Mordor Dispatch V Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTLBUi5VhbkTtyDh85UgeiTzBI3g3X47BO7NaE6fAKFBBjeT5Q2

A different sort of invasion
Avatar Theme Week 4
That's right folks, its back!. The Avatar Theme Week (ATW) has returned after a brief hiatus and its coming back with a bang! Declared on the 30th of June, the new theme is to be [u]Angels and Demons[/u]. Not only is it coming back, it is going to have a new twist. This time, the week will be divided into two halves. In the first half, nations are to suit their nation to their favorite superhero and defend why it is the best one. Then, in the latter house of the week, nations take on the opposite side of the spectrum, and expose to the NS world who their favorite villain is. It appears we are in for a super week!

Mordor Dispatch V Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRQ7Uux0qzmv658dxSE5f1hfgUfM6BlohUzpKfBRhvqjMKwb_Zd

Wormtongue watches the vote go south
WA Affairs
While there were a limited number of votes throughout this month, these are the standings of Mordor on several of the debates:
Outer Space Peace Act: 0-4
Repeal "International Competition Law": 2-0
Repeal "Freedom in Medical Research": 2-1

Mordor Dispatch V Armies_of_Sauron

Sauron's army charges into battle.
Forces of Mordor
It has been a quiet month for the Forces of Mordor, who have been given a temporary break from their back breaking work by the ever present and watchful leader, the Dark Lord Sauron. Despite this, however, the troops of Mordor have engaged in a number of restoration missions, of Killaz and Josesa, before aiding natives to refound Rhineland. We assisted our friends in TITO with a defence of Progcadia, before helping out in a spectacular defence of The True Rebirth, but sadly saw it fall in the next update. However, The Cosmos successfully took part in his first liberation expertly aiding FRA, Spiritus and UDL in a large scale liberation of The Global Revolutionary Workers Union. Warzone Australia was also returned to the rightful ownership of the Dark Lord, which has remained under the Dark Lords rule almost constant rule since January. The FOM are currently deployed in Osiris helping restore the legitimate government to power.

If anyone doubts the power of the Forces of Mordor, where there is a whip, there is a way.

Mordor Dispatch V Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS4_aXpdXvlVvXBfvMaFviWAarwYTiJVpUyRw3zm_MBAbr7UHJbpA

The people of Mordor meet and discuss.
IRC - The best of the best
Seeing as Mordor has a large community of nations who exchange banter daily upon the IRC, it is bound to have some good quotes.

Not for the faintest of Hearts:

[10:47pm] • thecosmos appears in a dark flash of sewage
[10:48pm] Charax{M}: Sad
[10:48pm] • thecosmos says hi to Charaz
[10:48pm] thecosmos: *Charax
[10:49pm] thecosmos: Wait, I do have to go.
[10:49pm] • thecosmos says bye to Charax
[10:49pm] • thecosmos opts for a more dramatic exit
[10:49pm] • thecosmos disappears in a golden shower of stale urine
[10:50pm] Sauron: ....
[10:50pm] Charax{M}: LOL


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