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Mordor Dispatch VI

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Mordor Dispatch VI

Post by Intelligent Holograms on August 16th 2013, 5:05 pm

Fines are forced to be paid in Mordor

Mordor Forced to Pay $37,000,000 in Settlement for "Emotional Abuse"
The region of Mordor was ordered to pay $37,000,000 to "Hector" following the culmination of the lawsuit Hector v. Hobbits. The case, which was delayed due to wrangling over the proper jurisdiction for the case to take place in, was marked by Hector breaking down in court, claiming that the "emotional abuse" that he suffered at the hands of the denizens of Mordor left him "scarred" and "having nightmares of Hobbits eating frosted cinnamon buns." Hector, who "just wanted to be a diplomat" even though he had been banned from the game, portrayed the Mordor leadership as "heartless and mean." Sauron tried to argue that Hector was victimizing himself, but the judge, Daniel Nelson of the Sixth Judicial District Court of Idaho, condemned the members of Mordor for their treatment of "poor Hector." The settlement included $36,999,997 in punitive damages and $3 for a new cinnamon bun. NationStates pundits believe that the settlement will really hurt Mordor's ability to buy telegram stamps in the future, but that they should still "have enough money for a few thousand."

Charax, Vladisvok and PhDre queue up to hand in their Nazgul ID Cards

Nazgul drop like flies
It's been an unprecedented time in Mordor's history this Nazgul term, with more than half of the regions Councillors failing to complete their tenure. The first to fall was Charax, who stepped aside due to RL circumstances meaning he would be unable to fulfil his duties. This was troubling for Intelligent Holograms, the White Wizard Saruman, who had caused controversy early into his term by attempting to wrest control of the Ulaires (Ministers) from the control of the Witch-King, against tradition. However Charax was swiftly replaced with West Dhaka, seen as a solid choice by many.

As it turned out, Charax's resignation would not reflect too badly on IH after all. One of the Dark Lord's choices, PhDre, was anathematised following extended inactivity. This was swiftly followed by the resignation of Vladisvok, who departed saying that he had irresolvable problems with the way the region was run. Speculation occurred as to whether this was in any way related to the Treaty of Sandbox: an alliance between Spiritus and Mordor that caused turbulence between he and Charax, as well as much of the region's IRC community. This has not been confirmed or denied, however.

PhDre was replaced by Majestas, a hot favourite for the post. She was elected Wormtongue Delegate two months prior, and had been hinting (and occasionally outright stating) that she desired a place on the council since she joined the region. Some were mystified at how she had managed to go without being elected or appointed before; none questioned the Dark Lord's judgement.

Aule uses his sinister powers to gain a place on the team

The return of Aule
Perhaps the most shocking event of the entire month however, was the sudden return of Aule. Aule is the root administrator of Mordor and it's first White Wizard, but has not been seen in months. Then, unannounced and without warning, he began to post and participate as though he'd never been away. Sauron immediately provided Aule with a Nazgul role, which didn't come as much of a shock to anybody. It could be argued that Aule has shown himself to be reckless in power before, if you read our first dispatch you'll know he appointed himself to the Nazgul, sparking mass protest from the Denizens. How he fits in to his new role remains to be seen.

Majestas looks concerned as the state of Mordor's WA affairs becomes clear.

The WA Bill Review Committee
In a bid to create some momentum in the WA affairs of Mordor, Wormtongue Majestas has brought into being the first ever 'WA Bill Review Committee' of the region. Under the guise of helping the Denizenry to write and pass their own WA legislation, enthusiasm for the cause has been somewhat lacking.

It has not gone unnoticed that the creation of this Committee comes towards the end of the Wormtongue's electoral term, and that this sudden announcement could represent nothing more than a desperate attempt by the up-for-election Majestas to appear to have achieved some success in developing the WA elements of the region. Even more shocking is the suggestion of an attempt by Majestas to place the responsibility of WA affairs in the hands of others, and so further distance himself from the apathy that has plagued this important part of our region over the last months.

All of this leaves the Denizenry with a great deal to consider in this Wormtongue election season, and an even greater deal for our esteemed Wormtongue to bite their nails about.

General Jahmurai assembling troops for the Dark Lord

Forces of Mordor make their come-back
NationStates must have noticed, the Forces of Mordor are flying their flags again during updates. In an effort to revitalise the ailing Forces of Mordor, the Dark Lord appointed Jahmurai to the rank of General with the task of inspiring a new wave of enthusiastic recruits. Already, denizens are signing up to aid Mordor in the noble quest of defending those whom cannot defend themselves.

Easily picking up where they left off, the Forces of Mordor have started reclaiming lost territory in the Warzones. Those who would seek to keep the Warzones from the rightful ownership of Mordor be warned, the Eye is watching and our troops are always armed.

Mordor offering help to other defenders

Aside from the forays into the Warzones, Mordor still places an emphasis on defending helpless regions from raiders and liberating the taken ones. Since the rebirth of the Forces of Mordor, Mordor has had a hand in the liberation and support of many regions, including: Reaganomic Paradise, Anime city, Punjab and The Impact Federation.

Mordor has offered to liaise with the defender organisations UDL and FRA in order to offer support when needed.
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